The ultimate goal for this work is to create a space that not only looks beautiful and authentic but also feels clear, grounded, collected and personal.  To reach that end, to move through emotional obstacles, to let go and dive in, requires guidance.  I am that guide.  The spaces below are a small sampling of this work.  



I absolutely loved working on this space with my client.  She had downsized from a much larger house and was struggling to make a home and find herself in this next chapter of her life.  Years spent as a production stylist informed the wonderful collections she had accumulated.  All she needed was a deep edit and and a different way to live in her space.  I created the framework and she put her wonderful touch on it all.  This is truly an honest reflection of herself and her life now,  while still honoring the past.  



Every designer will tell you that designing their own home is the most difficult project to undertake.  For me, it has taken many years and iterations to find myself truly reflected in my space.  This home is always evolving, always changing.  This is my palette for experimentation, working through ideas and at the deepest root, the reflection of my own personal work.  It isn't always perfect but it is always honest and beloved.



This has been one of my favorite lessons in editing. A home I own with my sister that we often rent out, required that we find a balance between our own reflection and creating a space that feels good to others. One of the reasons the response is so wonderful is because we took the time to clear the space and I continue to do so. We move things around, edit and let our home evolve like a person would.



The finished photos are beautiful but they do not convey the amount of work and clearing that this project called for. Working slowly through thirty years of collecting and creating emotional walls was challenging but in the end the space became a truer reflection of my client, how she wanted to live her life and the objects and things that truly bring her joy.



It can be very difficult to part with things we have been given or collected but this is a great example of a client moving through the editing process, with my guidance, and still retaining a true reflection of themselves in their home.  There is always room for the things you love, but you should only have as much as you have room for.