Before and After AA

Often times the homes I work on go through astounding transformations.  I was developing my specialty but I was not taking great before photos because as an interior designer, I was focusing on the finished project.  But everything shifts, and this too is shifting.  

I have been working with a wonderful client AA and she reached out to me to help her downsize into a smaller space.  She's a collector of things, especially amazing Chinoiserie figurines and pottery.  She has a deft eye but not the belief in her ability to create cohesion and let go of excess on her own.  

By guiding her through the editing process, she was able to let go of furniture that no longer worked in her space, that was uncomfortable and frankly, not a true reflection of who she is in this moment.  As she connected to her space, she connected to herself.  She got her hair done and she began to make design choices for herself.  Transformation is infectious in the best way.  The energy shifts and it feels great to be connected.  


And there it is.  In all it's glory.  A work in progress like always but the difference, on film,  is astounding.  This is the reason I am committed to this work.  It's not about the beautiful photos (even though those are amazing) it's about the beautiful people, the emotional transformations and the process.