Clearing for Sophie Lee

Performing a space clearing continually validates for me that I am on the right path and in fact, not full of shit.  I really can engage with energy and help.  In those moments of doubt, and I now accept that we all have them, the process of guiding someone else through clearing, offering gratitude and connecting with intentions feels sacred and important.  It is seriously exciting stuff.  

I love that it begins with creating offerings.  The offerings are as different as the people I work with.  They are mini mirrors for each person's vision and creativity and always beautiful and touching.  I had the honor of working with a very close friend to help her clear her space.  If I had to describe Sophie Lee in one word, it would be INTENTION.  Her space is thoughtful and collected.  Her process of creating offerings was totally and completely connected and beautiful.  Each one was unique.  Watching her slowly trim and arrange each bloom or leaf  was moving.


We moved through the rooms together, working in tandem, to revitalize her space.  I guided her through connecting and setting intentions and opening windows and pulling books off dusty shelves and reimagine how she could use rooms.  Afterwards she gifted me with delicious treats, thoughtfully purchased from her favorite french market and arranged on a low table with floor cushions.  Magical.


xo SF