Space Clearing Tools

Let's talk space clearing.  My mother always had this really low key way of being deeply spiritual and connected to space.  She always burned Pinon incense and often spoke of smudging and washing doorways with salt water.  I didn't really connect these things to the work I do until more recently but I like to keep it low key as much as possible. 


My foundation tools are: 

  • Palo Santo to honor air and for a deeply purifying smoke. 

  • A pendulum for guidance and assistance. 

  • A silver bell I inherited from my mother for high vibration sound to move anything stuck.

The second layer of tools I don't always use but love are:

  • Copal incense.

  • Bowls for blessing water (great for clearing small objects).

Lastly if I am doing work on a person I often bring in these tools:

  • Tarot cards to set intentions and for guidance.

  • Crystals for clearing and assistance.

So there it is.  These objects are only sacred to me but they can assist me in doing some extraordinary things.

xo SF

Savannah Farris-Gilbert