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Thoughts on home and partnership. Ojai

I have had millions of moments over the past two years where I have asked myself why the hell I did this with my sister.  I'm sure she'd say the same thing.  But we did.  We bought this house, with its enclosed porch and sloping yard and heritage oak trees and cheaply installed plumbing. 

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Thoughts on Home and Partnership. Los Angeles

Everything eventually fell apart and I found myself on my own again in this little apartment with original hardwood floors and bright sunlight.  With the smoke and mirrors gone, I had to take a look at myself. 

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When I look around my own home you can see the traces of her: the objects I inherited that have since become mine but still hold a part of her essence or even in the shoes stacked neatly in my closet, in original boxes, that were her's.  They speak to the deeper influence this incredible woman, my mom, still has on my life and my work.  

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